We launched this SecondLife Free Hugs Campain to remind everybody that the real power of SecondLife is it’s community. SecondLife is a fabulous place to do what you want, but without it’s community it becomes only a software program.

Hugs are one of the most important things you can give in real life. In SecondLife, this simple animation could really share emotion. SecondLife, is made with your emotion, so give hugs !

By Fred Cameron, Fabrice Memotech and Wolkam Winger

Music “beatboy” by G.Davancens (http://www.myspace.com/rilesfromsap)

Special Thanks to :

Juan Mann (for the original idea), G.Davancens for the music, SLObserver Team (Soso Gao, Laurine Brown, Bonca Chikuwa), the SLDimension team for their support, Aimee Webber (our guest star) and all the complete SecondLife Community.

Thanks to all the participants :

*Jubei McMahon
*Sanakan Manga
*Tim Deschanel
*Bubu Mulberry
*Sindy Mulberry / Amelie Morigi
*Emilie Carnell
*Lucas Karami
*Lynece Shenlin
*Ankhari Tammas
*bona Tamura
*laurine Brown
*Shuuna Sansome
*Sofi Sullivan
*Wolkam Winger
*Fly Saintlouis
*Sandstone Burton
*Doudouonline Boa
*Damy Bury
*Charles Nighbar
*Bonca Chikuwa
*Tim Deschanel
*Oceane Aya
*Doliprane Asp
*Dimento Oh
*laetitia greene
*margofran zenovka
*erina shan
*viky beaumont
*kerebald lowey
*Tree Kyomoon

Powered by SLDimension.com


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